The Arab philosopher Averroes recorded his conversation with a merchant who had just returned from a voyage to China. This voyage happened before Marco Polo recounted his experiences. And this merchant said that he saw a very different world, with a different way of life and customs, with people with a very different appearance from ours. Averroes asked him: „What impressed you the most?” And the merchant, who was in general very impressed with what he saw during his visit to China, responded: “I was most impressed when they took me to a grand hall where there were chairs, all turned to face in one direction. I sat down and all of a sudden I heard music and across from us, on a podium, appeared the oddest of people, dressed in very colorful and varied attire, with masks, with an odd walk, and they started doing things to the rhythm of the music…”And what were they doing?”, “Well, they were killing each other without dying, acting insane, but they weren’t, they were playing around like children, but they weren’t children.” And Averroesasked him: „Ok, so what did all this look like to you?”, and the merchant answered: “Like something someone would tell you about, but without him actually telling you about it, you just see it happening.”

Here you go - this is what theater is about.
Excerpt from an interview with Prof. Krikor Azaryan from 2012

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