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Krassimir Damianov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated in highway engineering, studied in Cuba for a year, worked on the Asparuhov Bridge in Varna and also at the National Institute of Cultural Monuments. His first book, a collection of short stories – Why There Is No God – was published in 1981.

He freelanced in Varna before working as an editor for the Bulgarian Writer publishing house. After his second book, The Devil’s Claw (1985), he became a member of the Bulgarian Writers’ Union. He worked in cinema, then as a taxi driver before emigrating to Spain, where he returned to his first profession as a building contractor. Before leaving Bulgaria he published Fairytales for Picky Eaters (1989). Since 1990, he has lived and worked in Madrid and Barcelona, where is the owner and manager of the Arthostal Cultural Association.

The Diary of a Butterfly (2008) is his first publication after a twenty-year silence. The Bulgarian edition was nominated for Bulgaria’s three most prestigious literary awards. In his subsequent book, The House of the Hanged Man, he teamed up with Fakel Express, one of Bulgaria’s most acclaimed publishing houses, to kick off a curious literary competition in support of the printed book: The Best Reader Contest.  In it readers must ferret out cleverly disguised mistakes within the work. Krassimir Damianov`s short stories have been translated into German, Russian and Czech.


Synopsis of the novel Diary of a Butterfly by Krassimir Damianov


Diary of a Butterfly - by Krassimir Damianov, translated by Angela Rodel

Downriver - by Krassimir Damianov, translated by Angela Rodel

Riverbank - by Krassimir Damianov, translated by Angela Rodel


Krassimir Damianov

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