Dimitrova, Kristin

The Bulgarian author Kristin Dimitrova, born in 1963 in Sofia, has won five national awards for poetry, three for fiction and one for poetry translation, among others.

Dimova, Theodora

Theodora Dimova is an award-winning writer and playwright. She graduated in English from Sofia University and has studied at the Royal Court Theater in London.

Doneva, Maria

Maria Doneva has won several awards from prestigious national poetry competitions in Bulgaria. She is the author of Farewell to the Reader (1996, 2003), The Void Between Us (Ohrid, 2005), Reason To Fear (2005, 2007, 2008),

Dvoryanova, Emiliya

Emiliya Dvoryanova is associate professor of creative writing at New Bulgarian University. Music, philosophy and religion are the focus of her creative work: The House (a novel), Sofia: Areta Publishers, 1993; Passion, or the Death of Alice (a novel), Sofia: Obsidian Publishers, 1995 (winner of the Bulgarian Novel Award in 1996,

Enev, Deyan

Deyan Enev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated from Sofia University, where he studied Bulgarian language and literature.

Evtimova, Zdravka

Zdravka Evtimova was born in 1959 in Pernik, Bulgaria, where she lives and works as literary translator from English, French and German.

Fayon, Betti

The other penname used by the same author until 2005 was Maria Karo. The writer was born in Varna in 1961, and her real name is Maria Dobrevska. She graduated from the German Language School in Varna and afterwards acquired a degree in philosophy and German at Sofia University.

Fenersky, Nikolay

Nikolay Fenersky’s works have appeared in a number of newspapers such as Monitor, Sega, Trud, Sedem, as well as the magazines Savremennik, FreeStyle, Sveta Gora, More, Lik. Among his major literary achievements are the Artforum Newspaper Short Story Award (2000)