Alexieva, Elena

Elena Alexieva was born in 1975 in Sofia. She majored in international economic relations at the University of National and World Economics in Sofia, and continued her studies in the doctoral program in semiotics at New Bulgarian University, Sofia

Andreev, Emil

Emil Andreev graduated in English from Veliko Tarnovo University and has worked as a teacher, newspaper editor and lecturer in English at the Faculty of Theology, Sofia University.

Boykov, Nikolay

Nikolay Boykov was born in Vidin in 1968.

Cherepov, Evgeni

Evgeni Cherepov was born in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. His short stories have appeared in various newspapers, magazines and Internet-based literary sites.

Damianov, Krassimir

Krassimir Damianov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. He graduated in highway engineering, studied in Cuba for a year, worked on the Asparuhov Bridge in Varna and also at the National Institute of Cultural Monuments. His first book, a collection of short stories – Why There Is No God – was published in 1981.

Damyanovska, Svetla

Svetla Damyanovska graduated in art design but in her working career, writing parallels painting. She has also earned a master’s degree in protection of the cultural and historical heritage of the Republic of Bulgaria from the the State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies.

Denchev, Petar

Petar Denchev is a Bulgarian writer and stage director. In 2010, he completed his bachelor’s degree in theater directing at the Krastyo Sarafov National Academy for Theater and Film Arts.

Dimitrov, Ivan

Ivan Dimitrov was born in 1983 and graduated with a degree in Bulgarian philology.